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Welcome to the Future of Warrior Cats! Here is about the cats who live many years later after Bramblestar, Firestar and the others. Add pages and have fun!

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Hello warriors! This wikia is currently undone. I am still making it, but once I have enough pages, feel free to explore the website! Also, please do not make any pages or edits yet if you are not an admin. This page will tell you when all contributors are allowed to. Also, if you're new to the wiki, please read the rules. Have fun!


1. Don't make edits that are not needed. For example; if a contributer went to the Dawnstar page, you wouldn't make an edit that hasn't happened in the series. If the edit has nothing to do with the page or what happens in the series, don't bother even MAKING the edit.

2. Don't make a page about a fake cat, yourself, or something that has nothing to do with Warriors at all. It doesn't relate to the wiki.

3. Don't just randomly ask, beg, or try to threaten me (or the other admins) to become an admin. If you want to be an admin, post a message on my wall telling why you want to and why you should become an admin. If you have a good enough reason, I'll let you become an admin.

4. If you're an admin, don't delete pages that other admins, me, or anyone else made without my permission. Otherwise, I'll disable you from being an admin.

5. No rude comments on pages or cussing. It's very offensive, and you can get banned from my wiki.

Follow these rules, and you can be a great Future Warrior Cats Wiki member!

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